An Aussie Taylor Swift fan has blown up on TikTok after sharing her story of how she ended up DM’ing the star after missing out on tickets to her Sydney show.

Amina, amnxa_18 on TikTok, reached out to Taylor, explaining that many people are missing out on tickets due to an inconsistency in the availability online.

“I don’t know if you’re aware but there have been promotions on Twitter getting a message out to let people know there is limited space available in Sydney and only VIP tickets available on the Sunday night.”

It sounds like a standard fan message stars like Taylor would receive thousands of each day and never respond to, right?

Much to Amina’s surprise, she saw Taylor had seen the message and was typing a response.

“I can get my team to look into it. I’d like to allow every one of my fans to see me live – I can see why this would be an issue” she said.

She continued to apologise and even said “I love you” to Amina, before ending the message with “Hope to see you in Sydney.”


Watch the TikTok below:


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If Taylor said ‘I love you’ to me, I would simply pass out.

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