Fans to know Adele a little more than they were probably expecting during one of her shows as part of her Las Vegas residency.

Between songs, Adele shared some ‘crude’ details of a medical condition her doctor diagnosed her with which resulted from the sheer amount of sweating she does.

“My face is sweating… my tits are sweating… I sweat a lot and it doesn’t go anywhere, so I basically am just sitting in my own sweat,” she said, which is exacerbated by the Spanx she wears while performing.

“Do you know what my doctor gave me? It is a bit crude, but I never knew it existed,” she said, “Obviously when I do my shows I wear Spanx to keep it all in and make it all fit me… So my doctor gave me jock itch [cream].”

Tinea cruris, sometimes known as ‘jock itch’, is a fungal infection often associated with athletes that can cause a burning, stinging or itchy “rash in warm, moist areas”.

Why would she tell a full crowd at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas? Not even she could tell you.

“I don’t know why the f— I just told you that!” she remarked.

Oh Adele.

She still has several months of her extended residency to go with her ‘Weekends With Adele’ show set to wrap-up in November.

For fans unable to see it in Sin City, it’s understood it has been filmed and there are plans to release it at some point.

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