Football fans heading to the MCG this year are in for a pricey surprise as food and drink costs soar to new heights.

Amidst a nationwide cost of living crisis, the upcoming season at the MCG promises to hit fans right in the wallet. Hoping for a classic pie and beer combo? Well, be prepared to part ways with a hefty $20 bill.

For staples like a Four n Twenty Pie, hot chips, or a 600ml soft drink, expect to shell out $6.20 each. But it’s the beer prices that will really rile up footy enthusiasts.

A 425ml draught beer will set you back $11.50, up from $10.50, while a 560ml Carlton Draught has climbed from $12.50 to $13.50. So, a pie and beer now cost a whopping $19.70.

The AFL Fans Association has expressed surprise and concern about the price hikes, suggesting that it may deter some fans from attending games. However, MCC chief executive Stuart Fox defends the increases, citing the rising cost of living and supplier prices.

While the surge in pricing may be disheartening for families planning an outing, it’s unfortunately part of a broader trend. Similar increases have been seen in food and merchandise prices across other major events like the Australian Open at Melbourne Park, where a beer sets fans back $14.50 and a glass of champagne a staggering $29.50.