How many of us begrudgingly woke up before the crack of dawn today and wished we just didn’t have to? I know I’ve fantasised multiple times about Elon Musk noticing my mediocre memes and deciding to make me a sugar baby without the sugar.

One young woman, 26 year old Rose Davis from the UK, is living the dream! She posted a video of her typical days on TikTok:


@rosedavisx #housewife #housewifelife #stayathomegirlfriend #fypシ ♬ original sound – Rosedavisx

It entails doing her lashes, watching Selling Sunset, and stretching.

The internet’s reaction has been divided, because for every “how does it feel living my dream?” comment, there’s one asking if she has any ambition or doesn’t she hate being completely dependent her partner (For all those curious, the answer she gave was “Nope it feels like relaxing into my femininity and being happy to receive x”)


What do you think? Would you enjoy that lifestyle?

Image: TikTok/ @rosedavisx