A UK Swiftie got an unwanted surprise after receiving a copy of the long-awaited Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and then playing something that’s not quite Taylor.

Rachel Hunter shared a TikTok showing her brand new Orchid vinyl but when she played it, she was met with creepy electronic music along with some very strange commentary.

A weird voice can be heard saying “I quit seeing people, quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms, or rather jump the imprint of freaking attacks of anxiety.”

After she flips the vinyl to the b-side, you can hear a disturbing voice repeating “There are 70 billion people on Earth, where are they hiding? Where are they hiding?”

Internet sleuths uncovered that both of the songs heard were taken from a UK compilation called Happy Land (A Compendium Of Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996).

However, fans are still wondering whether Taylor is trying to send some sort of message or whether it’s an error in the vinyl manufacturing.

Watch the TikTok below and see if you can decode the message Taylor might be trying to send us.


send help I got speak now (not Taylors version) this is so funny #speaknowtaylorsversion @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #erastour #speaknoworchid

♬ original sound – Rachel ✨

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