Would you spend $15 million on a Justin Bieber concert? Well, this guy did.

Justin Bieber has taken a break from performing recently, with the last time we saw him being his surprise Coachella set back in April.

But over the weekend, he took the stage again. This time, it was for a private celebration for Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani.

Ambani put on a lavish pre-wedding celebration for his son in Mumbai, India. Justin was flown out to perform a set of his big hits including Sorry, What Do You Mean, Peaches, Baby and Love Yourself.

It’s reported that Justin was paid $10 million US – almost $15 million Aussie dollars, and that he flew home ten minutes after the gig wrapped up!

This is the same family that paid around $10m AUD earlier this year to have Rihanna perform at another pre-wedding function, with reports of additional events featuring Katy Perry and the Backstreet Boys.

Ambani’s older children each had Coldplay and Beyonce perform at their wedding ceremonies.


The things you can do with money!