We’ve all experienced FOMO, the fear of missing out, and we all know it’s not a great feeling.

FOMO was introduced in 2004 to describe the awful feeling that something more exciting is happening that you feel missing out on.

The term quickly became well-used around the globe and even earned its place in the Oxford English Dictionary, which states the feeling is ‘often aroused by posts seen on a social media website’.

Well, a new acronym has entered the chat and it seems FOBO might quickly become a new saying.

FOBO is a term created to describe the fear of becoming obsolete, potentially because of the introduction of new AI technology.

If you’re feeling like your future is uncertain and your job could be at risk of being replaced by AI, you’re experiencing FOBO.

There’s so much information on social media of the threats that AI could have on our jobs, industry and everyday life which can feel a little overwhelming.


#Artificialintelligence will replace jobs, #JPMorgan #CEO Jamie Dimon says, while insisting that those “dislocated” by it will be offered new roles at the #bank AI’s biggest negative is its potential to be “used by bad people to do bad things,” he adds. #business #tech #jobmarket

♬ original sound – Bloomberg Business

The advancements of AI technology in recent years that mean we can so easily avoid human interaction in our everyday lives can make the future feel a little grim.

Although TikTok creator @leilahhormozi reports that while AI could replace jobs, it could also potentially create up to 97 million more jobs.


AI could replace up to 85,000,000 jobs by 2025. But, it could also create around 97,000,000 jobs as well. Here are 3 jobs I believe AI will create.

♬ original sound – Leila Hormozi


Experts do recommend a few ways to ease the discomfort and possibly prepare for the worst possible scenario.

Firstly, take a step back at your work outline areas you could work on and look into possible career development opportunities to help prepare yourself.

Forbes recommends that you strengthen your relationships with work colleagues and professionals within your industry to keep you connected with others and secure yourself.

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