After seeing Taylor Swift on her infamous Eras Tour, Emily Ratajkowski has made some pretty wild claims…

In an interview with Troye Sivan on her podcast ‘High Low with EmRata’, she opened up about her recent change of opinion on Taylor Swift.

She admitted that she never really vibed with Taylors’ music or pop music in general.

“I wasn’t somebody who listened to pop music a ton” explaining that she thought just because something was popular, it didn’t mean it was good.

She then revealed to Sivan, who is friends with Taylor, “I came around…It changed it for me completely.” she explained.

“I was not a Swiftie and now I’m like, ‘You know what that means? That means I was a misogynist that I didn’t f**k with Taylor Swift’,” she said.

“Because I went to her concert and I was like, ‘This person is an incredible songwriter, an incredible performer, and anybody who says anything else? Like, they have issues. And actually maybe not a very sophisticated palette’.” she said.

“If you don’t like Taylor Swift, then, like, you don’t understand things.” she finished her rant.


We love Taylor but this is a very interesting take..

You bet people had a lot to say about her striking comments online.

“not liking taylor swift makes you a misogynist……?” one user said.

“it’s fine to be a fan and acknowledge her talent but the logic here is interesting,” another said.

One person even pointed out a possible explanation for her wild comments, writing “Was she drunk when they interviewed her?”

Listen to the podcast episode below to hear her comments.

Listen to the podcast below to get your top tips on how to win Taylor Tickets on KIIS!