The movie has only just had it’s world premier, but the early reviews are labelling the film one of “the best live-action remakes” ever!

23 year old actress Halle Bailey, who plays the lead character Ariel, has received glowing praise for the “incredible emotion” that she brings to the famous character, with critics saying “they got chills” watching her splash and sing her way through the tale.

The movie succeeds not just as a piece of nostalgia but also as a “stunning film in it’s own right” says film critic Grace Randolph.

She went on to say that while it’s not perfect, the Disney magic is there and “should definitely be seen in the big screen.”


While some early criticism has been pointed towards the CGI and extended plot, but Bailey and Melissa McCarthy, who plays the coveted role of Ursula, portray their roles with so much power and emotion all is forgotten.

The Little Mermaid hits Australian Cinemas from May 25th and is also expected to be available on Disney+ shortly after.