Last week, the internationally beloved blue heeler appeared on three $1 coins as part of a set, initially selling for $55 or $20 per individual coin.

These special edition Bluey coins, released by the Royal Australian Mint, quickly sold out and are now fetching hundreds on eBay, with some sellers managing to sell them at even more outrageous prices.

The release was a frenzy, selling out within hours through an online ballot, the Royal Australian Mint shop, and select licensed distributors.

Out of the 90,000 Bluey commemorative coins minted, 75,000 were available in three-coin sets, with the remaining 15,000 sold individually—5,000 of each unique design.

Royal Australian Mint CEO Leigh Gordon believes that all the coins have been snapped up.

Since their release, three-coin sets have been selling like hotcakes on eBay, with one seller boasting sales of 17 sets at $888 each.


In a bizarre twist, another seller has apparently sold the set for a crazy $250,000 and $75,000! Although those sales are not yet verified.

This coin collection, featuring Bluey, the Heelers, and the grannies, joins the ranks of other iconic Australian shows like the Wiggles, Mr Squiggle, and Play School, which have all been honored with special coin editions.