Chelsea Dickenson is a ‘travel expert’ from North London & she’s revealed a useful hack to bring more clothes on a flight without checking in a bag!

In the clip, Chelsea, 32, removed the foam from her neck pillow and proceeded to stuff it with numerous clothing items.

@cheapholidayexpert If this works it’s gonna be a GAMECHANGER 🤯 #travelhack #budgettravel #cheaptravel ♬ Soulful Strut – The Fame Gang

Chelsea said her hack was more ‘lower risk’ than the one she’s seen on TikTok where users stuff clothes in a large pillowcase.

She said: ‘So I have got a lower risk option for you to try, and it includes this. Yeah, so the other day I noticed it had a zip so I opened it up, there’s the memory foam—goodbye sunshine!

‘And instead, here’s my pants, probably shouldn’t have them on show, soz about that.