It’s not just classic Christmas Jingles that are different Down Under “snow-white boomers,” “in a rusty Holden Ute” or something of the sort!

While the rest of the globe experience snow and a warm fire, we enjoy snow-cold beers and a warm summers day. (Although with the weather recently, who knows what we’re in for…)

Let’s start there shall we? In Australia hot weather equals a cooler feed for our Chrissy get togethers, and that often means seafood! – That seems to confuse the rest of the world you sea.

Also, when’s the last time you had a “Christmas Dinner”? If that terms feels unnatural to you there’s no need to panic because it seems the Christmas Lunch tradition that we have is an Aussie staple ONLY.

We swap pudding for pavlova which confuses people, and chances are we’ll be greeted with a fridge full of cherry’s and mangoes! It’s a shame other countries miss out!


One thing we don’t have are the groovy Christmas sweaters, but we’ve got plenty of alternatives… Car antlers, Christmas themed boardie shorts and stubby holders!

To the rest of the world, don’t feel sorry for us Aussie bumpkins, feel sorry for Santa. He’s got to change from a fur coat to his singlet, shorts and thongs (‘flip-flops’).

Not only that, he’s got to put up with an iffy stomach after going from glasses of milk to glasses of beer!

I’m proud to have these Aussie traditions. I’m sure you are too!