You’ve seen snakes on a plane, but have you ever seen a snake on a bonnet?

This is an absolute worst-case scenario for any Aussie and it came true for Kerry Jenkins while driving her car on a major highway.

Kerry Jenkins was driving with her partner and child when the snake started to slither over the hood of the car.

Language warning:

@kerryjenkins32 Soooo this happened! 🤬 warning! #hitchhiker #snakesoftiktok #snakeinmycar #snake #ridealong #treesnake #stuckinmycar #burnthecar ♬ original sound – Kerry Jenkins

“It’s so f******ng scary,” he said.

“I’m not getting out.

“Do they bite?”.

Eventually, the car slowed to turn off the highway and the snake disappeared from view.

“I don’t think it came out. It wasn’t on the road,” Jenkins said hopefully.

All I know is if that was me I would be taking the car for a long drive off a short cliff.

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