Heineken have decided to do all the hard workers a favour and put a stop to them over working. Work-life balance is key.

The Dutch brewing company have created a bottle opener like no other – ‘The Closer’. The high-tech bottle opener is designed to immediately shut down all work appliances when it’s used to open a beer.

Check out the demo:

The intent is to help Australian workers feel empowered to say no to extra work and sign off on time, so they can spend more time connecting with friends and family, rather than being part of Australia’s overemployment crisis, where it’s reported:
  • Aussies work an average of eight extra 38-hour weeks of work per year and are the most burnt out workers in the world
  • Australian employers receive $125 billion of free labour from their employees per year

Let’s just hope no one cracks open a beer at lunch time and shuts down all the office computers!