The British Tate Modern is one of the most magnificent galleries in the world and they’re bringing over 70 of their works to our shores!!

Running a takeover with Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image is bringing painting, photography, sculpture, drawings, kinetic art and more.

Light: Works from Tate’s Collection all unite with their use of ‘Light’, and cover some of the biggest artists in the world, from classic impressionist Claude Monet to graphic Japanese icon Yayoi Kusama.

You might recognise Kusama’s name because a few of her ever-rotating ‘Infinity Rooms’ have made their way to Australia, but ‘The Passing Winter’ is a little different.

This time the infinity room is built inside a mirrored cube which will transport you into a kaleidoscope of mirrors!

The Passing Winter 2005 Yayoi Kusama born 1929 Purchased with funds provided by the Asia Pacific Acquisitions Committee 2008

ACMI Director and CEO Katrina Sedgwick said that “this is a rare opportunity to experience the expansive collection of one of Britain’s most famous cultural institutions right here in Melbourne.”


“ACMI is proud to present a treasure trove of artworks inspired by a phenomenon so fundamental to moving image creation. Through its exploration of light as both a subject and a medium this extraordinary exhibition enables our visitors to explore surprising and enlightening interconnections across time and artform,” Sedgwick continued.

So whether it’s to create enlightening interconnections across time and art or whether you just want that cute insta-pic, head down to the ACMI!

Light: Works from Tate’s Collection will display at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne, from Thursday, June 16–Sunday, November 13, 2022.