A video of Queensland couple has sparked a debate online over whether it’s appropriate to take your shoes off at the cinema.

Timothy Entwistle shared a TikTok of a couple in the ‘Premium Luxury Experience’ with their bare feet on the reclining seats, asking ‘should you at least wait until the lights go down?’


#australia #cinema #australian #bogan should you at least wait until the lights go down?

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“Shoes off or shoes on in the cinema? Because this is a pro Australian move” he asked.

People fled to the comments to share what they thought about the controversial ‘bogan’ act, with a surprising amount of people defending the decision while others said they would wait for the lights to go off.

“Shoes off but after the lights are off lol” one person shared, while another wrote “always shoes off I don’t know why 😂”


Others shared that they would have their shoes off but definitely keep their socks on in a cinema.

Some pointed out that they thought it was a normal Queensland thing to do, sharing that they don’t think it would happen in Victoria.

Honestly, we’re not sure how to feel about this…