With just days to go until Kyle & Jackie O take over the Melbourne airwaves, we’re looking back at some of our favourite moments from the Kyle & Jackie O Vault.

And this one has to be one of our faves.

When Matt and Kya Debono chose an ‘Thinking Out Loud’ for their first dance, they never imagined they’d be dancing to the real deal. But that’s exactly what happened when Kyle & Jackie O organised for Ed Sheeran himself to show up at their wedding reception with guitar in hand.

“Happy wedding day,” Sheeran greeted the stunned couple and a room full of equally-stunned guests.

Kyle and Jackie O had gifted the struggling couple an $80,000 wedding from their dreams, although there was no talk about the big surprise.

Money had always been tight for the couple, with Matt unemployed and Kya’s mother suddenly passing away in 2012. With all the curveballs, even a small ceremony seemed like it was off the table.


Kyle and Jackie O had the young couple come into the KIIS studios, telling them they would be competing in a new radio segment, before letting them know that they’d be gifting the couple the wedding of their dreams.

Before bidding farewell, Sheeran left the couple with the message: “Make lots of babies.”

Hit play below to hear the whole thing unfold: