Lily Allen has recalled the horrifying moment she got diarrhea during one of her shows in Canada.

The 39-year-old ‘Smile’ singer opened up about the incident on an episode of her new BBC podcast ‘Miss Me’, revealing that she left the stage after desperately needing to go to the toilet.

“I’ve had diarrhea once when I was on stage. That was a bit of a disaster,” she said.

“I remember I’d sort’ve managed to hold it in, or I’d not eaten, you know, because I knew my tummy was dodgy, so I hadn’t eaten that afternoon,”

“But during the show, I’d obviously been drinking, so when I had to come off for the encore, I was desperate to go to the toilet.”


She then left the stage and “ran up to the stairs to the toilet, sat on the toilet, the heavens opened, shall we say.”

“I just remember sitting on the toilet and thinking, ‘Oh my God. This isn’t stopping,’ and then suddenly hearing, ‘Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily!'”

After panicking that everyone would have already left the ‘large venue’, she returned to the stage and told the crowd “I’m really sorry, I’ve got diarrhea”

Imagine being in that crowd!