At any sporting event in Melbourne, there are many things that are almost guaranteed. One of those are seagulls. Whether you love watching them in their natural habitat or think they are the ‘rats of the skies’, they are certainly determined buggers.

The birds are usually aware that where there is events, there is usually plenty of people eating delicious food – and hopefully leaving plenty of scraps for them to pick up.

Unfortunately, with Melbourne’s lockdown in place, all the people are gone. Damn, no hot chips.

However, the seagulls didn’t get the message and were so determined to have a feed at the Australian Open overnight, they actually interrupted play!

One seagull actually swooped in on Canadian player Bianca Andreescu’s serve. This flock meant business!


Opposing player Madison Brengle actually tried to fight the birds off, but they were too quick!

We didn’t think this year’s grand slam couldn’t get any more bizarre, but apparently, it can!


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