An argument has broken out on a Sydney train after a man accused a fellow commuter of deliberately coughing in his direction amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

Video footage shows the man and woman sitting opposite each other on the train when the man tells the woman to cover her mouth while coughing.

“I did not open my mouth when I coughed, it was inside my mouth,” she responded.

The woman continues to cough in the direction of the man, prompting a heated argument.

“Are you serious? Did you just cough at me?” he asked.


The woman eventually tells the man to “shut up”.

Since being uploaded on social media, the video has acquired close to 70,000 views, with most siding with the man.

About 75 Australians have tested positive to the coronavirus with expectations the figures will climb further, amid growing worry over reports of people not isolating themselves while sick.

Most of the cases are in NSW, where 40 people have tested positive.