Victoria has worked extremely hard to flatten the curve after the second wave of coronavirus and it has been such a relief to see 18 days straight of zero cases or deaths – or more commonly known as doughnut days.

However, many people are puzzled as to why we still have three active cases in the state and have been questioning the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

On Tuesday morning, the DHHS published some information on their social media explaining why we haven’t shaken off these last few cases yet.

“Active cases are monitored, retested and cleared from isolation once it is safe and there’s no risk of transmission,” the explainer reads.

“Most cases isolate for 10 days. But some cases – such as people who are immunocompromised or still have symptoms – may need to stay in isolation for longer.

“People recover from COVID at different rates.

“For people continuing to experience symptoms, clinical assessment and further investigation helps us determine whether a case is still active.

“After they are cleared, we can remove these cases from the active case list.”

We’re thinking of these last three cases and fingers crossed they are out of isolation soon.