Two people have been killed after a massive bushfire tore through South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

South Australian Police confirmed the deaths on Saturday morning during a press conference.

The deaths occurred on the Playford Highway.

‘It is a very sad message to deliver and we are in the process of contacting the next of kin,’ a police spokeswoman said.

‘Our hearts go out to the family of those people who have been affected.’

Emergency services are not aware of other residents missing. Meanwhile, 21 residents remain missing in Victoria.

Tourists waking up on Kangaroo Island on Saturday saw the true extent of the devastation after the unstoppable fire tornado tore through the island on Friday.


The fire that tore through Australia’s third-largest island has burned through 150,00 hectares of land, leaving half of the island razed and only the more built-up areas in the east safe.

An evacuation has been underway with 350 fire crew already on the island and is expected to be joined by another 170 firefighters on Saturday.

The fires are currently at a Watch and Act status.