Three stations on the Upfield train line will be shut down for three months…but we don’t know which stations they’ll be.

Four dangerous level crossings will be removed in the inner-north of the city, The Age reports, however details on where or when the closure will happen is still unknown.

Because of the extreme length of the closure (93 days), it’s expected to have a massive impact on commuters and businesses.

“We’ve had to do a lot of careful planning as to how we not just remove these level crossings and that’s why we’ve chosen the elevated rail line … but also a lot of careful planning as to how you get in and out and do the work as quickly as we possibly can,” Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said

“So, yes, 93 days is a longer period of time but we can also isolate this section of track to minimise the passengers on the Upfield corridor who will be disrupted.”