Melbourne is one step closer to getting hundreds of kilometres of cycling highways.

The nation’s infrastructure body has now backed the plans and they could be built within five years.

The other plan that has been added to the hit list, is a reform to the public transport system around Frankston.

The cycling initiative would see bicycles be separated from cars on congested roads such as Chapel Street and St Kilda Road, with each highway running into the CBD to create an inner-city loop.

A major plan that is being looked at, is to also help the Frankston area out with its ‘poorly managed’ buses and trains that do not match up schedules.

Infrastructure Australia has asked for more buses to be added, better routes to be planned and upgrades to take place to the train line to ensure the train can run further south.

Frankston is one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing areas but public transport in the area is struggling to keep up.