A couple of minutes – that’s all it took for a controlled fire to become completely deadly.

Three minutes of footage posted by Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade has been going viral on social media as it shows just how dangerous the fire front can be for our brave firefighters.

The footage was taken on the 4th January at the Currowan fire in Shoalhaven and at first a crew of firies can be seen setting up to protect properties.

Suddenly a southerly wind change hits 10 minutes earlier than expected and things turn from calm to practically apocolyptic in what feels like no time at all.

“Timely reminder how quick a fire can impact under a southerly wind which hits 10 minutes earlier than forecasted,” wrote Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade on Facebook.

“This goes to show what happens in just over 3 minutes… People are reminded to adhere to the warnings when given from the appropriate services as this is not pleasant place to be when a fire impacts at any time, especially at short notice.


“Ensure your Bushfire Plan is in place.”

Thankfully all crew members in the footage made it out safely but it certainly is a reminder just how unpredictable and dangerous these bushfires are.

See the footage for yourself above.