About two weeks after Australia’s Talking Clock said “At the third stroke” for the last time, the much loved time keeper has been brought back to life!

Following a 66-year run, Telstra made the decision to shut down the clock on September 30. Australians would dial 1194 in order to hear the time down to the exact second.

But now it seems that the clock has been resurrected, only this time it lives online rather than over the phone.

You can now visit 1194online.com to hear the OG voice of late-AC presenter Richard Peach telling the time.

According to the ABC, the website was created by Melbourne musician Ryan Monro, who like many Aussies, wasn’t ready for the clock known by the name ‘George’ to come to an end.

Before the phone number was disconneted, Monro called the number repeatedly and recorded the voice until he had the entire script. That’s some pretty strong commitment!

The only difference with the online version of ‘George’ is that the voice actually relies on the time on the device that you’re using. So if your computer’s time is wrong, then sadly ‘George’ will tell you the wrong time too.


So basically there’s no reason to visit the website because you can just check your computer yourself! But hey, no doubt nostalgia will get the better of some people who won’t be able to help themselves but give the website a go!

Visit 1194online.com to check it out for yourself!