Sound Relief organiser Michael Gudinski is putting together another epic charity concert – this time for Victoria’s drought-affected farmers. 

“The music industry is renowned for getting behind charity and helping out. And it’s really the greatest thing for me, to be able to give back and pull something like that together,” music promoter Gudinski said.

“If you think that I’m not thinking about doing it again, doing something for all the farmers in Victoria, well watch this space.

“I’m not going to try and repeat Sound Relief, but there’s something I’m working on at the moment with a few people.”

There’s no word yet on events, dates or artists but he’s previously worked with The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, and was able to nab Coldplay, Taylor Kings Of Leon and Jack Johnson for the historic Sound Relief gig which raised over $8 million for the victims of Black Saturday.

Gudinski also revealed that Leonard Cohen gave a massive secret donation.

“We were in Perth on the day of Black Saturday. Leonard came up and asked me for a chat. He said ‘Michael, I’m very concerned about all the fires and devastation going on’. I told him we were playing a show within a kilometre of those fires just a few weeks before. He made a donation that was over six figures.”

If he could replicate even half of Sound Relief’s success, this next spectacle could do a world of good.

Watch this space! 

KIIS 1011 Melbourne