Sorry the headline wasn’t more catchy but honestly, what?

But there has been two reported cases of the bubonic plague in Mongolia.

Two separate cases have been recorded and directly linked to the eating or raw marmot.

A marmot is almost like a giant ground dwelling squirrel and it’s been part of traditional Mongolian cuisine for centuries before anyone starts yapping about foreigners eating strange animals. reported that Mongolian authorities have placed precautions to avoid the spread of the outbreak that include prohibiting the hunting of any animal that could carry bacterial infections. 

Locals of the area must also call-in any sightings of ill or dead marmots.

The city of Bayan Nur has implemented a Level 3 warning and the plague-prevention precautions will remain for the rest of the year.


It all sounds terrifying, in the 1300’s the Bubonic Plague ie) The Black Death killed more than 50 MILLION people!

But our medicine has advanced exponentially since then, World Health Organization (WHO) experts have stated that the disease is much more treatable now with some antibiotics. 

So don’t panic! But also isn’t 2020 the absolute wildest??