Shane Warne has copped a 12-month driving ban for a sixth speeding offence in the United Kingdom.

Warney was clocked at 64km/h at 6:29am on a slip road on August 23 in Kensington

Not only was he suspended from driving, he also had to pay $3397 to the court.

Deputy District Judge Adrian Turner told the court: “The purpose of disqualification is to punish and to protect the public and to deter.

“There are 15 points to take into account together with the three I must impose today.

“Between April 2016 and August last year Warne committed six speeding offences.

“It may well be that none on its own were particularly serious but for points disqualification purposes the triviality of the offences is not to be taken into account.

“A period of 12 months is necessary for the purposes I have mentioned.”

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