Since being released from Bali’s Kerobokan Prison and returning to Australia, convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has attempted to keep a low profile. But now she is speaking out about her experience.

Off the back of releasing her updated autobiography Schapelle Corby: My Story, Schapelle joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio to tell us exactly what has happened in the past 13-years since her original book was written.

“The original version came out in 2006 so it’s been 13-years, so there’s a whole lot of my life that’s been updated,” Schapelle told us this morning.

One topic in particular that is focused on in the book is the mental illness she suffered during her time in prison.

Schapelle opened up about this with Kyle and Jackie O, breaking down in tears as she revealed that she truly believed she had lost her mind. She told us that she couldn’t speak and was sent into a catatonic state.

“I was out of my mind, like literally for about four years,” Schapelle said. “I couldn’t speak. People would have to massage my feet and my hands because they’d cramp. I was in such a hell in my mind and it’s just really hard to go back to, to actually write.”

“Sorry I’m going to cry,” she said as her voice broke.


“Mental illness is real and a lot of people accused me of faking this. And if I could have lived without mental illness, oh god, my mind would be so much better, my life would be so much better, Mercedes wouldn’t have had to go through what she went through.

Schapelle told us that her sister Mercedes, who joined Schapelle in studio with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, would sometimes sleep at the prison in order to look after her, as her condition worsened to the point where she lost physical control of her body.

“I was catatonic,” Schapelle admitted. “I couldn’t think, I couldn’t even move. People would hand feed me and I couldn’t even swallow. I couldn’t drink. They would have to put water down my throat. I was a zombie.”

According to Schapelle, her mental condition didn’t start straight away. There were three moments that led to her breakdown – her father passed away, her final appeal came through negative and her mother’s long-term partner passed away.

“There were three and I just couldn’t cope. There were other circumstances going on as well and I had just become a complete fruit loop,” Schapelle said.

She then described what it was like to receive treatment for her condition, seeking help from a psychiatrist to help her take back control of her mental state.


Schapelle revealed just how vulnerable she was during this time and told us that she had some pretty unbelievable hallucinations.

She believed that the birds in the trees were talking to her and were telling her not to speak with her psychiatrist. She also pictured her psychiatrist as the TV show character Mr Squiggle.

“Do you remember this TV show, Mr Sqiggle? I thought my doctor was Mr Sqiggle,” Schapelle explained. “And then the birds were telling me, ‘You can’t let them know anything’. Like I wasn’t allowed to speak.”

Schapelle admitted that she still has flashbacks to that horrific time in her life, but that she’s working on herself and trying to find some sort of normalcy now that she’s back in Australia.

“I want to be happy, I want to live my life,” she told us.

You can listen to our entire interview with Schapelle Corby in the podcast below!


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