Vets are warning dog owners to be more vigilant after a spate of dog attacks in Greater Dandenong.

The council has investigated more than 260 dog attacks, with 24 dogs also being euthanised.

The council’s city planning, design and amenity director Jody Bosman said there were 105 dog attacks involving other animals including dogs, cats and birds, with 163 dog attacks involved people.

Keysborough Veterinary Practice Dr Mary Parker told the Leader “Some of the dogs we’ve seen that have attacked other dogs have been off-lead and this is a result of owners being careless.’

“Dogs should also always be supervised around children even when owners think their dog is friendly — they can get quite stressed out.”

The number of hospital admissions due in inner Melbourne has increased by 19%, which is in line with increased dog ownership.

KIIS 1011 Melbourne