Pet owners should probably avoid Port Phillip Bay as poor water conditions could be hazardous to the critters’ health. 

Several dogs have reported infections after going to the beach and the EPA 

The EPA has constantly warned the public that the bay’s water quality has been at dangerous levels at various times throughout the summer.

“Young children are more susceptible to waterborne diseases which can include skin rashes and gastro … and pets (can) react to waterborne disease as well,” spokesman John Rees said.

Fiona Austin and her family told the Herald Sun they frequently take their dogs to off-leash beaches at Dalgetty Rd in Beaumaris and Quiet Corner in Black Rock, but will now stop due to all three of their dogs contracting ear, skin and urinary tract infections as a result of swimming. 

Rees said the “factors affecting water quality include stormwater being washed down from streets and into the bay and algal blooms, which pose potential health risks,” spokesman John Rees said.

There are now growing for the council to take action. 

You can find out more about water quality updates at the Yarra And Bay website

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