Prince Harry has landed in London, from Los Angeles, ahead of the funeral for his grandfather, Prince Philip.

According to the Sun, Harry was seen disembarking a British Airways plane on Sunday, wearing “chinos, a jacket and black face mask”.

It is unknown whether Harry will undertake the full ten days of quarantine required by the UK government for travellers from the US. He may be granted an exemption due to the death or following a day 5 negative test.

The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday at Windsor Castle, two months before his 100th birthday and only a short time after a month-long stay in hospital.

Philip’s wishes are the driving force behind the plans for his send-off, which will be held in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

His coffin will be transported from the castle to the chapel in a specially modified Land Rover he helped to design, followed by Prince Charles and senior royals on foot.

Only 30 people will attend as guests due to the pandemic, expected to be his children, grandchildren and other close family.

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