The Victorian Government is set to roll out FOUR BINS across the next year to help improve its commitment to recycling.

The state will also introduce a container deposit schema by 2023.

Premier Daniel Andrews has said the aim of the plans is to reduce the total waste from residents and industry by 80% by 2030.

The full scheme will be finalised following further consultation with industry and local government.

The new bins will be paid for as part of a $129 million funding package from the Sustainability fund.

Most of the new bins will be introduced in 2021 as 40 local government contracts end at the same time.

Any councils who are not out of contract will just add glass bins.


So when will your bins be collected? Well, it’ll vary from council to council, but this is an example of what a plan could look like:

RED – Household Waste – Collected fortnightly

GREEN – Food & Garden Waste – Collected weekly

YELLOW – Recycling – Collected fortnightly

Purple – Glass recycling – Collected every 4 weeks.