Three greyhound trainers have been suspended by the Victorian industry body for reportedly using possums to bait their dogs.

The live marsupials were used to spark the dogs’ desire to chase, initiating a new live-baiting scandal, The Herald Sun reported on Wednesday.

Greyhound Racing Victoria has confirmed three trainers have been suspended and barred from entering any greyhound property or club.

“Anyone doing the wrong thing will be discovered and disqualified from the sport – the welfare of our dogs and the integrity of our sport is non-negotiable,” Greyhound Racing Victoria’s integrity unit general manager Shane Gillard said in a statement.

The trainers have been stood down pending the issuing of charges.

In 2015, the Victorian greyhound industry suspended 17 trainers over a live-baiting scandal that rocked the sport across Australia.

Greyhound Racing Victoria has since invested more than $30 million on measures to promote integrity in the industry.