Doctors have discovered a tooth growing inside the nose of a 30-year-old man after suffering from a severe case of blocked nose.

Zhang Binsheng, from north-eastern China, was shocked to discover that the blockage was caused by a missing tooth, which he believed was knocked out during an accident when he was 10 years old.

The incredibly rare condition – that is thought to affect somewhere between 0.1 per cent and one per cent of the population – was becoming so serious that he had trouble breathing and could not sleep properly at night. He also often complained of a constant decay smell in his nose, local media reports.

Following a routine X-ray, doctors found a shadow “with high density” at the back of his nasal cavity. It’s suspected that the tooth had been uprooted after he fell from the third floor of a shopping centre at the age of 10, and knocked out two teeth – one of which went ‘missing’.

Medics were able to remove the tooth, which measured nearly one centimetre long in a 30-minute surgical operation.

He is reportedly recovering well and is expected to be discharged from hospital soon.