If you have been overwhelmed by news in the past few days, you aren’t the only one – and the crazy part is, you haven’t even been able to go on Facebook to find it!

Luckily for news publishers across the country (including us!), Treasurer Josh Frydenberg managed to get Facebook to come around and lift its shock news ban imposed last Wednesday. To put it simply, Frydenberg said the social media giant had “refriended Australia”.

Another big topic that made headlines was the increase of the JobSeeker rate which will see people who are currently looking for work receive an extra $50 a fortnight.

Jase & PJ welcomed the treasurer on the show on Wednesday morning to talk about Facebook and the rate increase. It was also a great opportunity to discuss what the end of the JobKeeper program means for Victorians who are nervous about their current employment after a rough 2020.


Of course, Jase had to throw in a roasting of PJ at the end. It wouldn’t be an interview without it!


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