As everyone is probably aware, it’s about to get super hot in Melbourne with temperatures set to hit 36C on Thursday.

Friday is expected to be even worse, with a top of 43C expected to be the hottest day of the summer so far.

Senior forecast Richard Carlyon told the Herald Sun “It is likely to be humid on Friday, with the easterly winds on Thursday bringing in quite tropical conditions.”

“But the moisture levels are fairly shallow so we’re not likely to see any great rainfall from the system.”

However, relief will come on Friday, with temperatures set to drop by 15C within 20 minutes at around 3PM.

“It’ll be a sharp temperature contrast in Melbourne. 43C ahead of the change but we’ll see that temperature drop to the mid to high 20s behind it,” Mr Carlyon said.


The weekend will bring much cooler whether, with Melbourne expecting mid-20s across Australia Day.

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