An incredible Australian woman has saved a crying koala from a bushfire by scooping the animal up with the shirt off her back, and taking it to safety. 

Toni Doherty is seen rushing the screaming animal to safety before using a bottle of water to soothe the animal’s wounds. She then wraps the animal in a blanket before driving it to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

“I knew if we didn’t get him down from the tree then he would have been up there amongst the flames,” she told 9News.

The koala, who Doherty named Lewis after her grandson, is reportedly around 14 years old, and is now well enough to have a munch on some eucalyptus leaves. However, he is still suffering some serious burns.


The pair were reunited on Wednesday, and Toni’s quick thinking of covering him with her shirt and pouring water on him before rushing him to the Koala Hospital is what ultimately saved him.

Not all heroes wear capes.