In a wild 24 hours, the Tanya Roberts can finally be put to rest as she passed away overnight at the age of 65.

Roberts partner Lance O’Brien announced the news of her death prematurely after misunderstanding the situation in the hospital.

After doing press and the story being wildly reported in the media, Lance O’Brien found out his mistake during a LIVE interview with Inside Edition.

“Now you’re telling me that she’s alive?!”, he said in a phonecall he took mid-interview.

“Oh thank the lord, thank god.”

O’Brien began to break down and cry during the interview as he realised his mistake.


Tanya Roberts found fame through her roles in Charlie’s Angels, That 70’s show and being an immortalised ‘Bond Girl.’

It’s reported that she was suffering from problems with her liver function when she was hospitalised.

Despite not having COVID-19, Roberts was put on a ventilator due to her experience breathing struggles and continued liver/kidney failure and this is when the confusion began for Lance.

In an attempt to explain his mix-up, he told The Sun that the doctor’s told him to expect her death and while she was with him, she responded in a way that he took as her final moments and in his distraught didn’t call for medical assistance but just walked away.


Regardless of how the mistake went down, her legacy remains in human history and we hope she rests in peace.

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