The ‘Back To School’ public service announcement was made by the Sandy Hook Promise overnight.

It starts with a young boy getting his “perfect” backpack, and ends with a young girl, in tears, texting her mother goodbye.

It’s designed as a chilling battle cry against school shootings, which stresses thaat these acts of violence can be prevented.

Managing Director of Sandy Hook Promise Nicole Hockley told CNN “It’s meant to be an intense video.”

Hockley’s 6 year-old son was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

“This is what our kids are experiencing now in school.”

The Sandy Hook Promise releases a new Public Service at the beginning of every US school yearr to teach people that school shootings can be prevented.


“We wanted to focus on this back-to-school time because parents still think of it as this rosy time where you’re getting your staplers, shoes, folders and binders,” Hockley went on to say.

“Whereas, it’s back to a time of violence for a lot of kids.”

You can watch the full video above, but please note it contains graphic content related to school shootings that may be upsetting to some viewers.