Yesterday brought a small amount of relief for some parts of NSW as the skies finally opened up and let the rain fall down.

While some of us may have been thinking how nice it was to finally hear that relaxing sound of pitter patter on our rooftops as the raindrops fell (guilty!), others were experiencing what this was like for the very first time.

One little boy from a drought stricken area of NSW had never seen rain before in his life until yesterday, according to 9 News.

His parents captured the beautiful moment that the 18-month-old not only saw but felt rain as the downpour reached his family farm in Scone.

“Our boy just couldn’t contain his excitement,” his mother Tiffanie McKenzie wrote on Facebook.

He can be seen dancing around excitedly and exclaiming “wow” as the muddle puddles were created around his feet.


Other people from drought affected areas shared their happiness on social media at the sight of rain, including Steph Stewart from Green Valley Farm in Tingha NSW, who shared images of the water flowing through her property.

This map from the Bureau of Meteorology shows how much rain fell in various areas across NSW. The rainfall is expected to continue over the weekend with some communities expecting to see more than 100mm by next week.