As the bushfire season continues, people from all over the world are making incredible efforts and donations to support those affected by the horrific fires, but one LA model just took it to a level we were not expecting.

Kaylen Ward, @lilearthangelk, made the offer to send naked pics to any fan who donated more than $10 to help support those in need during the bushfire season. “I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia” she tweeted, with a list of bushfire relief charities and a very NSFW picture.

At the time of writing her post has amassed 50,000 retweets and 112,000 likes, and has led to her receiving so many DMs that she had to enlist the help of her friends to reply to them. Just imagine being asked to read through that many horny messages for a friend – we’re not sure we’d survive that – at least it’s for a good cause.

Despite being up a pretty unconventional way to do it, it’s good that her efforts are helping to raise awareness beyond her 112K followers. Speaking with Pedestrian, Kaylen said “I started the fundraiser because it really bothered my that it was such a huge disaster happening, yet there was so little media coverage about it and people weren’t talking about it as much as they should have been.”

In just two days she claimed to have received 20,000 messages, totalling well over $100,000USD. One fan even supposedly sent a huge $5K donation in exchange for 50 photos and videos. The effort has been so successful that Kaylen is reportedly looking to start a not-for-profit organisation for future crisis relief.


“I’ve actually decided to start a non profit organization based on this tweet that will be raising money for charities like this in the future, especially in a crisis.”

Unfortunately the extra attention her activism brought drew the ire of Instagram, who shut down her account for community guidelines breaches.

As celebs like P!nk and Selena Gomez start to pour in donations to the bushfire relief effort it’s clear that the story is starting to get some traction, hopefully making this bushfire season a little easier for those affected, who knows, maybe even they slid into Kaylen’s DMs.

Who would have thought nudes would be how we save the world.


Find out how you can chip in to support the bushfire effort here.