Residents in one Melbourne Council area might have to pay closer attention to what they do with their rubbish after new fines were announced for lax residents.

Mornington Peninsula Shire will begin a crackdown on how its residents recycle with fines of up to $660 to be introduced from July 1.

People caught putting the wrong items in their bins three times over a six month period will cop fines, while those found breaking the rules four times will have their rubbish collection suspended.

Those who commit multiple breaches will also be asked to sign a pledge that says that they will recycle correctly and attend an education session before having their collection reinstated.

The council introducing the new rules says that contaminated recycling costs the shire around $600,000 per year.

The new rules follow the recent confirmation from Yarra Council that they too had been considering introducing bin inspections to double check that residents were flattening cardboard boxes and not putting too much in their bins.

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