Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has hinted his team may revise the targets by Sunday.

“It may be at a point where we have to call it, where we have to say that this is as good as it will get,” he said in a Monday afternoon press conference.

“That means there is some greater risk, that means that the task of keeping this thing suppressed will be harder, but, that is where we find ourselves, and that is the choice that we have to make.

“Therefore we have to brace ourselves for a fight, and opening up, and therefore a fight against this virus in that set of circumstances that will be harder than if we had been able to get it to five or zero.

“To achieve the lower number might mean we’re locked down too long and even then, there might be, and that lockdown and its consequences might not be in proportion.”

It comes as Andrews revealed that Victorians can expect the easing of social restrictions on Sunday. However, business owners may have to wait a little longer to open their doors.