Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has said he is confident the state has hit its Coronavirus peak and has now ‘turned a corner.’

On Friday, the state announced 372 new cases and 14 more deaths.

The lower numbers can be attributed to Melnburnians wearing masks and stage 3 restrictions, with the state not yet seeing the effects of the stricter stage 4 lockdown.

“I think it’s still to play out. Stage 4 restrictions are only really going to show in the numbers over the next few days,” Sutton said.

“I think it’s encouraging we’ve turned the corner with interventions and we should see a further driving down of transmission with the Stage 4 restrictions.

“I’m very confident we’ve seen the peak. But it’s got to come down quickly”.

Sutton also expects the state to see some ‘levelling off’ of hospital cases and the same for deaths.


“Because we’ve seen a stabilisation in the number of cases, it’s essentially levelled off,” he said.

“I think we will see a levelling off of hospitalisations for community cases in the next couple of weeks and the same for deaths.”

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