The Victorian Government has announced they will deploying five suburban contract tracing and public health response teams out into the state.

“They will be in the north, south, south-east and west of the state,” he said.

The new system will allow outbreaks to be ‘pounced on’ quickly.

“In coming weeks, after consultation with health services, consultation with local government, we will establish those important suburban equivalents of those regional public health teams at all points on the compass,” he said.

“That will be about trying to provide the very best and localised response. We think that will serve us very well.”

There was speculation overnight that Regional Victoria may skip some steps to normality but Andrews had denied that saying “We will ease in regional Victoria based on the data and science and take as big a step as we can provided it is safe.”

“We didn’t put a timeline some of that.


“We said it would need to be when we got to that 14-day average because we knew, and we expect that we may get to that quite soon. We’re very, very close now.”

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