Victoria will move to the next step of easing Coronavirus restrictions from 11:59PM tonight (November 22) following the 23rd day of no new cases.

It will see changes to home gatherings, with 15 people being allowed in your home at a time. This includes dependants, but not babies under the age of 1 year old. This 15 person cap is the total allowed for the day, so for example you could have 5 people over for lunch, and 10 over for dinner.

Outdoor gatherings will grow to a maximum of 50 people.

Hospitality will grow to 100 people indoors and 200 people outdoors, subject to density limits.

Gyms will be able to have 150 people exercising at once, but it must only be 20 people per space.

Sporting venues will be able to re-open but they will be capped at 25% of capacity.

500 people will be able to go to an event for ‘outdoor recreation’ in groups of 50, but social distancing must remain.


Indoor pools increased to 150 people, and outdoor pools to 300 people.

Faith services will be allowed 150 people inside and 300 outdoors.

Weddings and funerals will be capped to 150 people, both indoors and outdoors. If a wedding or funeral is held at a home, the limit is 15 people.

Cinemas will expand to 150 people, in groups of 20. The same rules are in place for libraries.

When visiting care homes, 5 people will be allowed from 2 households, with no time limit.

Masks must be worn in public indoor settings, and outdoor use is recommended but not necessary, except when social distancing cannot be kept.


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