Over 2,000 Victorians reporting someone for breaching social-distancing orders on Easter Monday, taking the total to 22,500 reports over the last two weeks.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said that hundreds of warnings and cautions were being given out every day but due to some fines being given out incorrectly, he will now personally review every fine to ensure the public maintained confidence in Victoria Police.

Of the 2,000 reports on Easter Monday, 99 fines were issued, with 1249 being issued over the long weekend.

Less than 10 were withdrawn.

“It’s difficult to be prescriptive to every situation people find themselves in [and] we are certainly trying to get the balance right,” Mr Patton said.

“We’re human. We’re not going to get everything right all the time. When we do get it wrong, we’ll fix it.”

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