Friday could be the day that Victorian health authorities officially declare that COVID-19 has been eliminated from the state.

That is as long as the state continues to record zero new cases between now and Friday morning when 28 days could potentially have passed without any new or mystery cases in the community.

The 28-day benchmark continues to be held by epidemiologists as the marker for a region having eliminated the virus from the community. Currently, Victoria has recorded 26 consecutive days without a new case.

On Tuesday, the state recorded its first “Triple Donut” day, the first time in 10 months that Victoria had zero active cases of the deadly disease in the state.

However, experts warn that the elimination could be short-lived when Victoria begins welcoming overseas arrivals into the state’s quarantine facilities.

Professor Sharon Lewin from the Doherty Institute told the Herald Sun that as long as Australia is repatriating Aussies from abroad, it should not expect to continue without any cases or clusters indefinitely.

“We will not have eradication forever, we will get intermittent clusters and that’s up to every state to jump on and snuff out,” Professor Lewin told the Herald Sun.


Either way, Victorians will be awaiting Thursday and Friday’s DHHS COVID updates with bated breath.

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